Mold production

Our company specializes in making tools, in particular plastic and aluminum molds, stamps, tackles other items which requires mechanical and heat treatment.

We make molds from high quality steel, focusing on design accuracy and effective technology. Each mold consists of movable and fixed components. The core component of mold is mold cavity. Each mold is equipped with special runner system, which is used to inject material into the mold cavity.

PE «Zeta Plus» has equipment that allows to produce high quality molds of any complexity. Continuous mold making process provides by erosion, surface-grinding, grinding, milling, turning, boring and CNC machines and electric furnace for hardening and tempering.

Mold production – high-tech, complex, labor-intensive process that requires professionalism and liability of manufacturer. Zeta Plus' staff (plumbers, turners, millers) has the necessary knowledge and great experience in molds production. So skilled workforce able to provide high quality and reliability of its own products.

We are open for cooperation and take orders for production and maintenance of any equipment for manufacturing plastic and metal products.