Plastic products

Today, plastics play essential role in our lives. We keep food in plastic containers, carry it in plastic bags, grow beautiful plants in plastic pots and store favorite skates in plastic boxes. This multipurpose material is used in automotive and building industries; in production of electrical appliances, windows or doors, furniture and others. Even our children play with cute animal or doll toys or tinker toys, all of which are made from plastic. Plastic structures become more and more popular and become a mandatory attribute in our life.

Nominally, plastic household products can be divided into following types:

  • utensils – plastic glasses, plates, dish dryers, floorings, dustpans, utensil holders, food containers, trays, bowls and others;

  • goods for bathroom – hangers for towels and clothes, toilet paper holders, soap dishes, toothbrush cases, toilet and bathtub brushes, shelves and lockers for hygiene products;

  • goods for garden – plastic baskets for harvesting, watering cans, hoses, tanks, boxes, barrels, water sprinklers, buckets, rakes and others;

  • furniture – plastic tables, chairs, stools, shoe racks, umbrella trays and chests.

Zeta Plus offers a wide range of plastic goods on Ukrainian market

The production capacity of our equipment together with ability to support the whole production cycle represents our company as advanced manufacturer of plastic goods. Well-planned and organized processes in our company help us to produce high-quality mass consumer goods.

All products of our company have affordable price and their quality can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

To order supplies wholesale and retail of plastic products with delivery to Ukraine and abroad, please contact the sales department:

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