Plastic handles for carton packaging

Today, comfort of use is among customers’ primary priorities. A customer receives his first chance to critically access a newly bought product as soon as he takes it into his hands. Therefore, it has become common practice to add special appliances to bulky packaging to make them easy to carry, thus solving a transportation problem.

Carton packaging with plastic handles are becoming increasingly popular as of late. They are used in food, medical and many other industrial sectors. Paper and cardboard are mostly used as packing materials, their advantages including a low cost and eco-friendliness. To make the transportation of cartons easier, a strong plastic handle with a backplate on the carton top flap is offered.

Carton plastic handles have become a necessary component used by the manufacturers of cardboard products, and packaging in particular. However attractive and easy-to-handle is a carton, it will never draw the attention of customers unless it is equipped with a plastic handle, making it much easier to carry. Carton plastic handles improve the performance of any carton to a large extent. They improve the aesthetic appeal of a standard packaging box and are instrumental in gaining the attention of customers.

Our Zeta Plus private company manufactures plastic handles for cardboard packaging in any size, kind and colour to suit any carton packaging solutions and performance requirements. These assist handles allow a weight range of 1 to 22 kgs. Thanks to their exquisite design, they allow the manufacturer to present his product in the best possible light. Zeta Plus has a competitive advantage over other manufacturers of plastic handles, for we use cutting-edge technologies to produce plastic handles сwith custom logo to ensure that our customer’s products have appeal that sets them out from rivals and that his trademark/brand becomes the market leader despite fierce competition.

The advantage of plastic handles for packaging offered by Zeta Plus over others is that customers may easily and comfortably hold a packaging by its handle, when choosing a product in a store. Thus, the sales volumes are increased, whilst customers enjoy additional comfort. Also, such packages are easier to transport, and any damage in transportation is minimized due to the packaging strength and reliability. Our plastic handles are soft and smooth to touch and leave no trace on the fingers, even when a heavy packaging is carried.

Zeta Plus guarantees the impossibility of any accidental disconnection of a plastic handle after it has been fixed to a box. Plastic handles can be fixed to cartons both by hand or in a fully automatic process.

Zeta Plus also offer plastic handles for bag-in-box packaging solutions.

Large matters often depend on trivial details. Even totally insignificant, at first glance, items can bring a well-established system to a failure or reduce one’s area of comfort. Such small things like carton plastic handles are able to create a favourable impression due to the comfort of transporting various boxes and packaging.

Zeta Plus is committed to providing comfort and image to its customers. As is well known, customer’s satisfaction and comfort is the greatest reward of the manufacturer’s effort!


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