Plastic assistants

The result of great deeds often depends on small things. Even very small at first glance things can damage established system or disturb personal comfort zone. Elementary goods like Kuznetsov’s iplicators, socks hangers, plastic handles for cartons, boxes, watering cans, cases, artificial stones can enhance our mood.

Household goods help us not only to make our hard days easier but also to improve our health. For example, Kuznetsov’s iplicator – is a great assistant in the home treatment of osteochondrosis. This «doctor», виготовлений PE «Zeta Plus», produced by Zeta Plus, helps to improve the health of many patients and makes leisure more pleasant.

The Kuznetsov’s iplicator virtually affects all points, responsible for healthy human body. In addition, iplicator stimulates metabolism in cartilaginous tissue of vertebral disks, prevents inflammation of nerve roots, and improves blood circulation in internal organs and brain. Do not be afraid of iplicator’s spikes. They are harmless and you would rather feel pleasant warmth in the iplicator’s area. Kuznetsov’s iplicator is multipurpose massager and indispensable assistant in the health improving process.

Quite useful in everyday life is socks hanger. Socks hanger helps to clean the closet of any man but also eliminates the never ending problem of single sock. Moreover, by using socks hanger you will save space in the closet and spare some time instead of looking for lost sock.

Socks hangers become indispensible assistants also in business (in case you sell socks). In the socks trade, these hangers will improve storage conditions of socks as well as ensure their proper look during a long time. Besides, you can present socks on a hangers to your customers, without losing you time for finding a necessary size or color. Socks hangers become more and more popular among garment factories and producers of hosiery. Zeta Plus with great pleasure helps tailors with quality hangers which are easy in use. PE «Zeta Plus» produce socks hangers in various colors and with molded logo on customer’s request.

Zeta Plus produce plastic carton handles in various colors

Plastic handles becomes indispensible for carton manufacturers. No matter how beautiful and accessible was a cardboard package, it will not have proper attention of the customer if it does not have useful plastic handle, which will simplify transportation. Handles significantly improve utility of any carton. PE «Zeta Plus» produce plastic handles for cartons in various colors and sizes. It improves aesthetic look of usual package and gain the attention of customers. Usually, plastic handles are used for packing household appliances of middle size. Such handles can withstand load of 10-12 kilos. Zeta Plus cares about comfort of our customers. As it is well-known, customer’s satisfaction and comfort is the biggest reward for the manufacturer.

To make interior and landscape design more beautiful, all surfaces, utensils or cloths, can be decorated with artificial stones made from plastic. PE «Zeta Plus» produce stones from polyurethane in any color. By appearance artificial stones look almost the same as natural, however, the price will be a pleasantly surprising. The application of this product is quit wide and artificial stones become more and more popular.

Plastic assistants, in any way, can benefit to our health, reduce physical activity, and simply to give an aesthetic pleasure.


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