Mold production

In everyday life plastic goods become so essential to us that we even take no notice on how many of those are in our household. Nevertheless, not all of us know how plastic goods get their shape. Somebody even does not think about it. We are going to open doors to the «plastic kitchen».

The chief element of the equipment, which is necessary to shape the plastic, is an injection mold. Sometimes, these molds are called castings. In general, they consist of set of plates, centering system, power supply, ejection, cooling and shaping components. Casting system is necessary for transportation of melted polymer from material cylinder to the shaping cave. Cold cast system consist of central runner system, sprues and separating channels. Ejection system of finished “product” may take the form of plates. Depending on ejection methods, molds are distinguished by ejector plate or ejector pin. The key component of molds is cooling system. Usually, it consists of large number of spiral, straight or circular channels. Special cooling liquid is forced through special channels inside of mold cavity.

The final appearance of future product completely depends on proper position of matrix and punch. Matrix is a fixed half of injection mold. Punch is movable half, which presses on forming material. Both parts should be mounted with high precision against each other. This will ensure high quality of future product. Material which is used in molds production should be resistant to temperature changes and high pressure.


Stages of injection molds production

Molds production – is work intensive and high-tech process, which requires involvement of qualified and experienced professionals. Our company produce injection molds by applying unique technology and in the same time adhering to high standards. Zeta Plus produces automatic, semi automatic and manual molds; removable, half removable or mounted molds; molds with one or several, vertical or horizontal division planes.

The first stage in mold production is agreement on requirement specifications of the future plastic product. The product sample is designed by engineering department in our company. Mold production process consists of preparation phase, actual production, finalizing and testing. Each stage is very important in mold production.

Then comes actually production of injection molds. On this stage our engineers together with customers select the type of mold, taking into account all requirements to a future product. On this stage the mold goes through metalworking, turning, boring and milling processes.

The next step is mold finalization. All of the newly produced components go through six stages of finalizing process, three of which are thermal adaptation and the other three are mechanical. This is how we reach absolute precision and fine matching of individual components of the mold.

The mandatory stage is testing of finished plastic molds in conditions similar to real manufacture. This has to be done in order to verify the absence of defects which might put under the risk the entire batch of injection molds.

The whole cycle process of mold production, starting from design and finishing with final product is conducted under precise control of high qualified specialists. Zeta Plus experts have big experience in plastics manufacturing and can ensure quick production of truly qualitative product.


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