Kuznetsov’s iplicator

Fortunately, there are tools, which can easily and efficiently treat your illnesses. One of those «doctors» is Kuznetsov’s applicator. Kuznetsov’s applicator stimulates metabolism in cartilaginous tissue, reduces inflammation of nerve roots, improves blood flow to internal organs and brain and activates body defenses. Supporters of alternative medicine use applicator as treatment of all deceases. In complementary medicine it is recommended to use applicator to eliminate back pain and in case of spine pathologies.

Kuznetsov’s applicator – is a mat which consists of round or square plastic plates with needles. There are two types of applicator – standard and magnetic. The second one has a magnet with induction of 35mT in the middle of each needle module. Magnetic qualities of such massager last 7 years. Kuznetsov’s applicators vary by needles length, shape and their material (plastic or metal). The needles (spikes) can be single or dual. According to patients who use applicator, it makes huge difference in treatment results.


How to use applicator

There are several ways to use applicator. The most common way is to lie down on a mat with all body weight undergoing in this way treatment, time to time changing body position. In some cases, applicator can be secured on a body with help of special belts. Sometimes there is a need to use applicator on a particular body part, like knee, when it is impossible to secure applicator or to lay down on it. In such cases, it is recommended to press applicator to pain area and massage it with slow movements and low pressure. At the beginning the massage duration should last 10 minutes and be gradually increased up to 30 minutes.

Depends on what body part you would like to treat, there are several rules on how to use Kuznetsov’s applicator. If you have neck pain, the applicator should be secured on the back side of the neck and in collar zone. Applicator should be pressed by hands for about 40-60 seconds to the threshold of pain tolerance. Standard procedure time is 5-6 minutes. If necessary, such massage can be done several times per day. For neck massage the best option is to use applicator bolster.

In case of upper back pain try to use massage mat. Put applicator on a soft flat surface and slowly lie down on it on your back. You should lie at least 10 minutes. Healing effect can be increased by slow movements with arms, legs and from side to side. In case of lumbar pain it is necessary to secure applicator tightly on a pain area for about 40-60 minutes. Don’t worry if your applicator does not have special belts. You can secure it with crepe bandage. In case of lumbar osteochondrosis it is recommended to do some movements rather than lie still. Therapy should last for 2 weeks. If necessary, it can be prolonged.

The massage mat can also be used when you feel pain in the sciatic nerve, stomach and even on a face. The applicator has to be used very carefully when applying on a face not to injure the skin. Put applicator on a soft flat surface and lay you face on the applicator. In few minutes roll it from one side to another. The procedure can be repeated several times a day but you should never feel any discomfort or sharp pain.

By using Kuznetsov’s applicator you can also heal your legs. The best option would be to use applicator plates (against legs swelling). Put applicator plates on a floor and put your feet on top of them. At the beginning you should start treatment in sitting position and then you can gradually move to standing position. From time to time change your weight-bearing position by lifting your legs. Standard time for this procedure is 5-20 minutes.

What can you feel while using Kuznetsov’s applicator

While using applicator, patients may experience tension in the applying area, however, it lasts only for few minutes. In case this procedure causes pain or discomfort, it is recommended to stop using applicator.

Normal reaction to the applicator is a feeling of warmth, slight pain, speeded up heart rate, sudden sweating and light dizziness. These symptoms mean that applicator intensively affects involuntary nervous system. However, in such cases it is recommended to reduce massage time. It is necessary to gradually accustom your body for such massage.

The best sign of positive effect from applicator is slight redness of the skin. In case of very sensitive skin, which results in severe redness during massages, the applicator can be changed to another type. In this case you need applicator with smaller distance between needles.


Contraindications of using Kuznetsov’s applicator

It is not recommended to use Kuznetsov’s applicator right after the meal. Also, it is not recommended to apply applicator on body parts with papillomas, tumors, moles and warts. Applicator will not benefit when applying it near purulent acne or wounds. Do not use applicator if you suffer from thrombophlebitis, fever or during pregnancy.

Kuznetsov’s applicator is widely available. Zeta Plus offers wide range of applicator types. On our website you can order applicator considering your personal needs. This applicator is essential treatment not only against osteochondrosis but also to relieve fatigue. Kuznetsov’s applicator has wonderful relaxing effect.

Take care of yourself and be in a good health!


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