Bicycle accessories

It is well known that for all moderns, bicycle is both compact and convenient transport. For many people it becomes a right-hand “friend” or a kind of exercise machine, which helps us to keep our bodies in a perfect shape and takes care of our health. There are many of us, for whom a regular bike passion evolved in indispensible part of life, our hobby, our unique dynamic style.

Regardless of how much time do we spend with our bike, the comfort was always and still is the most important attribute of pleasant cycling. Given the fact that today bicycle functionalities have been significantly increased together with high owner’s expectations, more and more popular on the market become bicycle accessories.

Lviv company Zeta Plus», try to satisfy the most demanding tastes of our customers and offers a wide range of high-quality bicycle accessories.

It does not matter, if you posses an extremely modern bicycle with fantastic specifications or modest, but practical option, the most essential criteria is safety, which often depends on good visibility. By purchasing a bicycle mount that can hold securely a flashlight, you will enjoy cycling in any time of the day. 360-degree rotation platform allows flashlight mounting either on frame or on a handlebar to adjust the flux in right direction. Flashlight mount is not just a nice addition to the bicycle, but a practical, modern and integral part of it, without which a bicycle use cannot be complete. In the same time, our bicycle mount вis very easy in use: the flashlight can be removed in few seconds.

Those who don’t want to keep their devices in a pocket or a bag but use them during cycling can mount them on a handlebar with help of our holder. Thanks to 360 rotation platform you can record you cycle rides in the same way like with a dashcam. If you decide to explore new places, the bicycle holder can help you here as well by keeping GPS navigator in front of you. In the end of the day, the holder will help you to stay reachable by cell phone during your cycling rides, combining speed and communication.

Zeta Plus offers to purchase bicycle holder which combines quality and functionality and in the same time is quite affordable.

High-quality material which is used in production of bicycle holder makes it impossible that you device can fall down. Don’t worry, while cycling your gadget is in safe «hands»; besides its main advantages, the holder fits to any device, it can be adjusted to any shape and size of your device. In order to protect it from dust, humidity and other risks of open cycling, the holder is supplied with special film, which absolutely does not interfere with touch screen.

Music and travel (rather vehicle) are inseparable things. We used to turn on a car stereo, put on headsets in a bus, and turn on music player in a couch… Then why should we refuse to listen to our favorite tracks during cycling? Portable sound speaker becomes lately especially popular. This can be explained by increasing demand for bicycles on the market as well as by higher expectations of bikers. In general, music for bicycle is not just an equipment but also, figuratively speaking, comprehensive and pleasant cycling. A small and «mobile» sound speaker is something without which you cannot imagine a high-quality music system on your bike. Together with MP3, smartphone or just regular cell phone, the speaker will ensure excellent musical accompaniment to the ride and will cheer up random pedestrians. Besides, it will create the sense of ease and surround sound. We are happy to help you to choose a speaker, which will fit to your bicycle and will meet your requirements.

So if you decide to buy a quality bicycle mount, we will do everything to make your cycling brighter even at night. If you decide to buy bicycle mount for cell phone, we will ensure that you can use it in any weather, with any velocity and type of cycling. And if you are willing to make your trip even more fun and pleasant then bicycle sound speaker will certainly help you!


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