We provide complete solutions from mold making to establishing a modern production cycle for molding of plastics. Casting and plastic injection molding machines are based on advanced, high-performance equipment from leading manufacturers.


We use injection moulding machine with compression strength from 5 up to 600 tons. The basis of our production are injection moulding machines of horizontal type. These robust universal machines equipped by electronic control system, which allows to obtain high-quality castings and minimize production cycle terms.


We implemented three-tiered quality control for manufacturing: control of materials and components, the absolute output control on the production site, sampling products control before delivery to the warehouse. Our Service quality service guarantees for customer accurate fulfillment of the requirements.


Why choose «Zeta Plus» ?


Our portfolio consists of more than 15 products. We apply systematic approach for collection of new creative ideas, there are responsible people for this process; we have established motivation mechanisms to encourage our employees to generate new creative ideas.

We offer products in mid range price segment. Our prices are slightly higher than those offered by Chinese manufacturers, however, they are much lower than prices of European counterparts

The production capacity and round-the-clock operation flow in molding section allow us to produce almost any volume of product within the shortest time range.

Your sample or just an idea of the future product would be enough for us to design, create a mold and produce required item.

Modern infrastructure and latest equipment enable us to reach desired level of product quality and to apply a full range of various techniques of plastics production (including two component injection molding, molding of complex products and branding)

Our Services


Company «Zeta Plus» supplies on domestic market a wide range of plastic goods. These include, for example, household goods but are not limited to: hangers for socks, keg’s cap seals, handles for carton, Kuznetsov's applicator, safety caps for gas cylinders, bike accessories and other.

Injection molding take place on KUASY and SSB (Taiwan) injection molding machines in a new, specially equipped, modern building.

We are willing to cooperate with our customers, who wish to create articles, components or other products weighed less than 1.5 kg. To meet customer needs, we use ABS plastic, polystyrol, polyamide, polypropylene, polyethylene and others. We can also design and produce molds as well as articles with logos in different colors.

Our company specializes in making tools, in particular plastic and aluminum molds, stamps, tackles other items which requires mechanical and heat treatment. We make molds from high quality steel, focusing on design accuracy and effective technology. Each mold consists of movable and fixed halves.

The core component of mold is mold cavity. Each mold is equipped with special runner system, which is used to inject material into the mold cavity. Finished product comes out with help of built-in ejector system. We are open for cooperation and take orders for production and reparation of any equipment for making plastic and metal products.

The company is ready to cooperate with customers and can satisfy any need for their plastic products.




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