We implement ideas in plastic

Plastic products manufacturing

manufacturing and wholesale of plastic products on own molds

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Mold production

design and creation of molds for plastic molding under high pressure

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Products Catalog

Keg's sealing cap

PURPOSE: the cap is used for sealing beer kegs and prevents unauthorized…

Acupuncture massage mat

PURPOSE: acupuncture body massage. The mat is recommended before bedtime in order…

Back plate for tie-down straps

PURPOSE: the back plate is used during cargo mount on ships, railway…

Hanger hook

PURPOSE: portable hanger hook for cloths, underwear, socks and some other small…

Carton handle

DESCRIPTION: plastic handles for corrugated cardboard boxes which can be efficient solution…


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Competitive Advantages «Zeta Plus»

Our portfolio consists of more than 15 products. We apply systematic approach for collection of new creative ideas, there are responsible people for this process; we have established motivation mechanisms to encourage our employees to generate new creative ideas.

We offer products in mid range price segment. Our prices are slightly higher than those offered by Chinese manufacturers, however, they are much lower than prices of European counterparts

The production capacity and round-the-clock operation flow in molding section allow us to produce almost any volume of product within the shortest time range.

Your sample or just an idea of the future product would be enough for us to design, create a mold and produce required item.

Modern infrastructure and latest equipment enable us to reach desired level of product quality and to apply a full range of various techniques of plastics production (including two component injection molding, molding of complex products and branding)


Articles & Reviews

Plastic handles for carton packaging

Packaging is one of the most essential components in the marketing communication, i.e. in the process of communicating…

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Kuznetsov’s iplicator

Our health is probably the most valuable thing we posses. Its preservation and strengthens should be a top…

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Mold production

In everyday life plastic goods become so essential to us that we even take no notice on how…

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Sealing caps for KEG

For a long time, beer was one of the favorite drinks for many people. People organize parties, hang…

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Plastic assistants

The result of great deeds often depends on small things. Even very small at first glance things can…

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Plastic products

A plastic, as the raw material for the goods manufacture, was produced first time from synthetic material at…

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Private Enterprise «Zeta Plus» - high quality plastics products manufacture with European standards. Custom pressure casting of plastics on modern injection molding machines.




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